Continue Capital makes strategic investments in Wetez, assisting in POS ecosystem to accelerate the application of blockchain technology

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5 min readSep 3, 2018

The Perspective of Continue

Continue Capital has dedicated to discovering opportunities in the public chain ecosystem. Blockchain booms during 2016–2017. Around this time, there were already many established projects like ETH, EOS, ADA, and TEZOS. Nowadays these projects have had certain quantities of investors, developers and community members, especially developer ecosystem. Although there are some innovative public chains which claim to alter the underlying architecture and relationship of supply and demand, these new competitors still need time and community to prove itself compared to existed public chain projects.

We think that providing service in the existed public chain will be the opportunities before the boom of Dapps. These services will be the bridge between Dapps and public chain, which will smooth the transition period from public chain era to Dapps boom.

Continue Capital make strategic investment in Wetez because we think Wetez‘s cultivation on Tezos will be future opportunities. Value of cultivation will stand out in these two areas:

1. Develop existed public chains.

Stability and integrity of nodes are indispensable to public chain and it can offer better user experience. Decentralized is one of crucial part of blockchain Trilemma. Therefore, numbers, stability and integrity of nodes are basic requirements in the decentralized world. Wetez as a node of Tezos, maintain the system and bring more user-friendly experiences to tezos community. With continual contribution, Wetez’s effort will prosper the ecosystem of Tezos blockchain.

2. Developer/User Ecosystem

Application of blockchain technology is the top priority of whole industry. Service provided by node such as SDK and API can bring availability and better experience to developers and users. Better user experience will increase numbers of users, creating a positive cycle, and thus enhance the value of public chain, numbers of developers and etc. Wetez as the bridge of public chain and community members, will be committed to promoting the whole ecosystem.

Stand for the node of Tezos, Wetez has realized the lay out on the Tezos and gains certain amount members inside the community. It has upgraded 5 versions of app wallet including Android and IOS. Service has reached millions level. On the top of existing user base, Wetez will construct more service application on other public chains step by step.

About Wetez

Project Summary

Wetez is a secure digital wallet app on Tezos blockchain. Based on the consensus of Pos, Wetez aims to become the tool of multi chains and undertake services of users from different blockchains such as delegation and financial derivative services. Nowadays direction of Wetez is the App wallet, which possesses storage, transfer and receive in one wallet and emphasis in delegation service of XTZ to receive rewards of baking node.

With lots of projects based on POS releasing in the latter half of 2018, Wetez will keep cultivate in the POS area based on mature App wallet. It will enlarge advantages which is already built on Tezos to other projects like Cosmos, Cardano and etc. With providing user-friendly wallet entrance and maintaining stable blockchain system, Wetez aims to become an influencial service provider of POS mining pool. Wetez has accumulated high reputation around Tezos community. Website of Wetez is:

Background of Project

As token economy is more and more popular, safe storage of Token is a necessity. Software providing this storage service names as blockchain wallet. It serves as the role of bank account in the era of Blockchain. What differs is that personal assets, Token, are controlled by the owner. Traditional bank no longer has any control of assets of users, so we regard blockchain wallet as persoanl bank.

From 2013 to 2018, the total value of Token has grown 28 thousand times and numbers has grown ten thousand times. The single value of each token is increasing, which makes safe storage as rigid demand. Significance of secure wallet is prominent nowadays.

Personal bank (wallet) can derive many financial services such as storage, loan, lease, mortage and etc. However these financial services will differs a lot from traditional services provided by bank and bring huge opportunities in the blockchain world.

1. Different blockchain enpowers different functions to Tokens, which will derive new business modules such as lease of EOS. Wallet is born to be platform for different Tokens to demonstrate their features.

2. With the release of POS based public chains in the latter half year of 2018, node with wallet feature will have superior advantages. It can be delegated by community members end earn salary by maintaining blcokchain.

Existing wallets have similar features but different advantages。However, there are no stable profit to be sustainable and no customer stickiness. Nowadays mainstream wallets tend to build decentralized exchanges to seek concrete profits, but it is not an ideal way in this period.

What Wetez chooses is to become a wallet providing node service. Based on consensus of POS, node can earn system rewards as sustainable income.

Wetez Group

Wetez group are from Alibaba, Baidu, Kuaishou and other giant tech companies, who are specialized in product and technology. Most of team members have dived in blockchain technology for many years and have the ability of international marketing and operation. So Wetez team is capable of leveraging pain points of user experience to build good product.

About Continue Capital

Founded in 2016, Continue Capital focuses on investing in global blockchain technology, early-stage technology startup and providing Quant-Trading service. We are built to incubate and partner with those ambitious enterprises that promote technological innovation and advance business model revolution. Its investments are across United States, Europe, China, Singapore and etc to have overall strategic arrangement globally. Core team members are early Bitcoin and Ethereum community members, witneessing the rapid development of the whole blockchain Industry including top Venture Capitalists, professional Blockchain Developers and technical Talents from internet giants. Our mission is to act as the pioneer to widespread blockchain adoption and innovation, reduce the cost of mutual trust, improve the efficiency of large-scale collaborative operations. We hold the view that flattening trend of thought will further deepen the hearts of people as the blockchian technology changes the productive relationship.

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Continue Capital

Founded in 2016, Continue Capital focuses on investing in global blockchain technology, early-stage technology startup and providing Quant-Trading service.