By Palm Lee, co-founder of Continue Capital

SafeMoon, a new crypto project, surged in popularity in the last 55 days. One address turned 0.2ETH into US$67 million, and they’re more than this one case. This makes us somehow incompetent and furious: “Where is our Spring of Value Investing”?

The narrative and development direction of Defi

When we think about the value of DeFi products, we will simplify all complex products into two major categories: lending and trading, and experience the product itself from the most simple indicators, such as interest rates、yields、depth, etc. When we return to the most essential form of the business, we can first consider why funds will flow into certain potential DeFi products, and why the TVL that we track every day is such an important indicator, and of course a good product. It is also indispensable for the team’s innovation, a good token model and convincing narrative ability.

When history comes…

Since the concept of POS (Proof-of-Stake) was put forward, its ecology and scale have been growing continuously. Now, POS has become an indispensable consensus mechanism and widely recognized in crypto world .The mainnet launch of many POS projects (such as Polkadot, Near, etc.) also marks that POS has stepped into a new stage.

About staking

All nodes in the POS mechanism participate in the consensus by staking tokens, so the verifiers in the network are also the token holders. As the value of the token is directly staked, the role of the incentive mechanism begins to manifest. For the general POS mechanism…

Continue Capital has just finished the investment of the DEX Aggregator — STARCURVE,which is a fully decentralized protocol with a more advanced DeFi swap interface including a fair fee distribution system and advanced matching engine.The MVP version will be launched on October 1st. The Starcurve team has rich experience in smart contract development and is mainly based in the EU. 70% of the total supply tokens will be sold with bonding curve on Gnosis Protocol at 9pm Beijing time on September 9.

The Investment Director of Continue Capital Kriss said that:“We are very optimistic about the DEX aggregator , User-Friendly…

Continue Perspective

The blockchain has proven its utility in the following areas:the Internet of Things (IoT), financial services, governance, identity authentication, decentralized network and asset-tracking. A number of blockchain projects have reached significant milestones in the blockchain industry till now. Some are highly functional and open, such as Ethereum, some provide strong privacy, such as Zcash, and many other chains are designed to fulfill the various requirement of enterprises.

Despite the technological promise, we have yet to see signifcant real-world deployment of present technology, the main reason lies in the limited scalability, unreasonable governance mechanism. And the scalability and interoperability…

The Perspective of Continue

The problem of using existing Internet protocol in blockchain

Bitcoin brings the storage platform of native currency — Blockchain. The scalability of blockchain is still the bottleneck after 10 years of development. A large number of projects habitually rely on existing Internet transport protocols (TCP/IP) to build blockchain networks. However, the Internet protocol is not fully applicable to the existing information propagation of blockchain. On the one hand, the Internet protocol sets up the seven-layer OSI network model to ensure the reliability propagation, but blockchain has inherent data verification function. These redundant network layer designs bring extra inefficient cost to…

The Perspective of Continue

Continue Capital has dedicated to discovering opportunities in the public chain ecosystem. Blockchain booms during 2016–2017. Around this time, there were already many established projects like ETH, EOS, ADA, and TEZOS. Nowadays these projects have had certain quantities of investors, developers and community members, especially developer ecosystem. Although there are some innovative public chains which claim to alter the underlying architecture and relationship of supply and demand, these new competitors still need time and community to prove itself compared to existed public chain projects.

We think that providing service in the existed public chain will be the opportunities before the…

The Perspective of Continue

Continue Capital has long contributed to exploring and supporting the new generation of blockchain projects and randomized consensus, the latter of which is the heated topic of consensus mechanism. From both theatrical and practical aspects, this move will push the commercial application of blockchain into the next phase.

Continue Capital strategical invested in Algorand, as we believe that Algorand is indispensable in the “impossible triangle”, which is to find the best balance among scalability, security, and decentralization.

Decentralization:Currently, a number of blockchain projects pursue high performance of scalability at the cost of decentralization. …

Continue Capital

Founded in 2016, Continue Capital focuses on investing in global blockchain technology, early-stage technology startup and providing Quant-Trading service.

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